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Set Me Free Ch. 4
Set Me Free
Chapter 4
Elsa knelt beside him and ran her fingers over the gap in his chest. The black sand danced around her fingers, intermingling with them until she dispersed them. She thought about what the moon had shown her. She placed her hands over him, trying to focus her magic.
But as soon as she began to push her magic into the wound, the black sand snapped at her, slightly burning her hands. She pulled back and rubbed her hands. All of the Guardians’ eyes widened. Tooth flew down beside Elsa and checked her hands. Elsa’s mind was running at a million miles an minute as she tried to think of a way to help him. North came up and bent down, lifting Jack into up off the ground.
Elsa was so deep into her own thoughts to even notice North until she saw Jack being lifted. Elsa panicked, yelping and scrambling to reach for his hand. Her cheeks turned red as she realized what was happening. North just smiled softly at her.
“Come. Let’s take him t
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Lucy Action Figure GIF :iconcutiekay182009:cutiekay182009 32 1
Mature content
Set Me Free Ch. 3 - Jelsa Fanfic :iconcutiekay182009:cutiekay182009 24 36
Mature content
Set Me Free Ch. 2 -Jelsa Fanfic :iconcutiekay182009:cutiekay182009 17 27
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Set Me Free Ch. 1 - Jelsa Fanfic :iconcutiekay182009:cutiekay182009 49 19
Anna's Skirt Swing GIF :iconcutiekay182009:cutiekay182009 8 4
The Best Gift This Christmas - InuXKag
The Best Gift This Christmas
Merry Christmas Valeriemary309! Hope you like it! ^w^
I sat and listened to Sango’s story about the twin’s latest escapade. With the freshly fallen snow, the twins have been starting snowball fights with all the villagers and their little brother.
“My little boy was so cold he started to sneeze!” Sango said with concern. I giggled at her dismay.
“It’s ok Sango. I’m sure if anything it’s just a cold!” I assured her. Sango whipped the baby’s nose and gave a smile my way. I gladly returned an identical one.
Just as the little baby boy was about to fall asleep from Sango’s soothing rocking, Shippo burst through the cabin door and leapt into my lap.
“Shippo! What’s the matter?” I asked, hugging him close to calm his nerves. Shippo sighed in relief as he looked up at me with a huge grin. But before he could tell me why he was out of breath, two more little beings scrambled through
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Inuyasha and Kagome Under the Mistletoe :iconcutiekay182009:cutiekay182009 28 14 FT Natsu and Happy GIF :iconcutiekay182009:cutiekay182009 96 8 50 Tumblr Followers!! :iconcutiekay182009:cutiekay182009 3 0 Lucy, Mira and Wendy Karaoke GIF :iconcutiekay182009:cutiekay182009 130 20 FT OVA 1 Lucy Changing GIF :iconcutiekay182009:cutiekay182009 40 12 FT 41 Gajeel Saves Levy GIF :iconcutiekay182009:cutiekay182009 97 25
White Day Surprise {NaLu}
Author's Note:
              ' ' = Thinking
              " " = Speaking
              XxX = Change Scene/Point of View (Respectively)
              Enjoy!! X3
White Day Surprise (NaLu)
Walking into the guild with her shoulders slumped and dragging her feet, Lucy made her way to the bar. She sat down on one of the stools and laid her head on her arms. Mirajane walked up to the sad looking blonde from behind the bar.
"What's the matter Lucy?" The white haired bartender asked, drying a glass she just cleaned. Lucy sighed.
"Natsu has been taking a lot of missions without me lately. I'm running low on rent money and to be quite honest, I'm really bored!" The blonde complained.
Her little outburst caught the attention of a certain red head. The Titania walked over to the celestial mage and grabbed the seat beside her at the bar. Mira gave her a knowing
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FT 101 Natsu's Tantrum about Black Scarf GIF :iconcutiekay182009:cutiekay182009 127 30 CardCaptors - Sakura Summoning The Windy GIF :iconcutiekay182009:cutiekay182009 5 0


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If I don't write to empty my mind, I go mad. -- Lord Byron

Not all those who wander are lost. :+favlove: -- J. R. R. Tolkien

Dreamer in Exile :heart:

I am a college student that is starting to learn to draw. I consider myself more of a writer but I am really interested in learning to draw! :)



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Hey guys! 

I finally have a little time to write rather than work! :w00T: I will try to make as much as I can today and post asap! ^.^

Thanks for waiting!


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